Our Programs

Promoting Healthy Minds & Bodies in the Community


Our Therapists

All our therapists are qualified professional clinicians who hole pr work towards a graduate degree in mental health counseling and/or marriage & family therapy.

* Serving patients 8 years and older *

Treatment Areas

  • Stress Management


  • Anxiety

  • Grief Counseling

  • Parenting Support

  • Couples Counseling

  • Depression

  • Self-Esteem Issues

  • Career Related Issues

Stressed Woman
Couples Therapy

Individual, Couple & Exceed Income Counseling

Counseling is aimed at giving facilitation and guidance on individual needs to understand their presenting problem and find a resolution. A variety of modalities and techniques may be implemented to achieve this goal.

Sista Yoga Selfcare

Quarterly Yoga Workshop.

Our Sista Yoga Selfcare events are guaranteed to invigorate your mind, body, and spirit.

These sessions involve so much more than Yoga techniques, demonstration and practice.

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Women Stretching
Warrior Pose

Mind On Yoga

Community Program for Adults